Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Google will "merge" Gingerbread & Honeycomb

Google also present at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011. Internet business is a little giant will reveal what kind of development of their flagship mobile operating system, Android.

Eric Scmidht, former CEO of Google who is still so important person there, promised to combine the features of Android are currently available, for future versions.

"As we have seen, Gingerbread is for mobile phones and Honeycomb is for the tablet. The next version will begin with the letter 'I' and named the dessert, this version will combine the capabilities of Gingerbread and the Honeycomb," he said.

So someday, and Honeycomb Gingerbread OS will converge to each other. This will probably happen in the version of 'OS' green robots' predicted further called 'Ice Cream'.

Scmidth states that Google will also continue the pattern of periodic updates every 6 months. So every half year, a new version of Android will be launched.

5 Nokia Future Gambling

Nokia admitted being pressured right throe left by our competitors. Finnish vendor is also predicted would make major changes to try to maintain its position as market leader. Here are 5 rumors of betting on the future of Nokia, quoted from PCMag, Friday (11/2/2/2011):

1. Nokia Partners with Microsoft to Create Mobile WP7

Rumor is called accurate for several reasons. First, Symbian has begun to lose the spurs in the realm of smartphones and OS MeeGo not yet ready to be launched. Then, Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia right now is former Microsoft people. In addition, the Windows platform is expected to help Nokia Phone 7 raise the reputation in the United States market, the latter continues to decline.

2. Nokia remodel Range management

Nokia is expected to make drastic step in to boost their business performance in the mobile industry. Ie, to revamp the ranks of high officials. That said, officials are going to leave or deposed from the Finnish company is not just one, but several people.

3. Nokia Cancels Smartphone MeeGo

MeeGo originally expected to be a secret weapon Nokia against Android or iPhone. But reportedly, the launch of the first mobile phone-based MeeGo canceled by Nokia. Allegedly, Nokia considers the population of mobile OS's too much that they consider to hold the OS that already exist.

4. Nokia will Opens Headquarters in the United States of America Technology Center

Nokia reportedly will open smartphone development headquarters in Silicon Valley, central United States technology companies. If it is true they took WP 7, the placement of a number of executives in the U.S. Nokia is considered reasonable to facilitate the collaboration with Microsoft.

5. Nokia will Start to Make Android Devices

Rumor is considered difficult to happen, but technically possible. If Nokia desperately looking for a partner the new OS, Android might eventually they wear. But it seems this will not happen any time soon after a Google executive gave a strong indication that Nokia will use WP 7.

Vic Gundotra, Google's vice president, recently post a tweet that says 'two turkeys will not be an eagle'. Tweet it when he writes busy-crowded news Nokia will use the WP7. Well, two turkeys that he believed the intention here is Nokia and Microsoft, while the eagle is the Android.

Apple App Store Subscription System

There is a change in the Apple online store AppStore. Apple today introduced a subscription service for magazines, newspapers, videos, music and some applications that are sold via the AppStore. As a result when customers want to buy a particular magazine or newspaper applications, they are 'forced 'to subscribe in a certain tempo.

This step is taken Apple to give special attention to the manifold applications business magazine or newspaper that is offered via the AppStore.

With this, the publishers will be allowed to set its own price and the subscription application. Apple itself will get 30 percent of the revenue the publisher, when there are new downloads on the AppStore.

"Our philosophy is very simple," said Steve Jobs in a statement letter, as quoted from Cnet, on Wednesday (15/02/2011).

"When Apple can bring new customers to the publisher, Apple will get a share of 30 percent. As publishers bring customers long to download the application, they get the 100 percent and Apple did not inherit anything," added the CEO of Apple, which are now undergoing treatment period because of illness.

As for the berlangggan can be done weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or semi-annual, or one full year.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

supercomputers zoom in on universe

THE American Museum of Natural History in New York is known for its impressive collection of dinosaur bones and a high-tech planetarium.

The fastest of the museum's two computer clusters can carry out more than 5 trillion mathematical operations per second. Standing nearby, listening to the low hum of fans cooling the racks of processors, I can practically feel it recreating the astrophysical processes that shaped our solar system.

Harnessing supercomputers to simulate astrophysical events is not new. Two years ago, the largest, most detailed simulation of the evolution of the universe was performed at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Germany.